Songstress Zhanel (pronounced Ja-nel) hails from a musically-inclined family. Her father is a guitarist and her grandfather Phil Guilbeau – a well-known trumpeter – played alongside Ray Charles and Count Basie. When she started singing at age four, the men in her life were right there, playing alongside her. Now nineteen, Zhanel’s voice is seasoned, silky, and chic. Her songwriting stands out from the crowd, as she draws inspiration from life and all its lessons.

5 years ago, Zhanel lost her aunt and later ended a close friendship. She was able to get through the hard times by putting the pen to the paper. She found writing to be therapeutic and went on to compose a number of original songs. A fan of singer Billie Eilish and singer-songwriter Ruth B, Zhanel’s talent has the ability to turn teenage angst into bluesy soul we can all vibe to. Zhanel’s single, “Tragic,” was inspired by the toxic relationship she had with her ex-bestie. The song’s content is applicable to any type of relationship. We’ve all discovered unseemly traits about loved ones and sometimes, instead of holding on, we decide to let them go.

Zhanel has just completed Her Debut EP REGRETS. Years in the making, it has been touted as a “Brilliant, Current sounding body of work.” She certainly captured the daily struggles of navigating life as a young adult pushing forth a new norm.